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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  May 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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reporter, walt hunter. >> reporter: in 1981 a congressional law cut the number of crew members in the front cab of trains like amtrak 188 from two to one. now, following the crash that killed eight and injured nearly 200 rail union officials want that second restored. the public would never accept an airline operation with a single person in the cockpit there is no reason that railroad employees and lives should be viewed any differently. read's a statement from the brotherhood of locomotive engineer and train machines man. brandon bostian was alone in the cab the the ntsb says when train entered a curve at 106 miles an hour, more than twice the 50 miles an hour speed limit. no technology, can replace the level of safety provided, when two crew members are on board, and conserve as a check and balance to one another the union states. >> i think it makes an enormous amount of sense to have a second person in the
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cab, with the engineer who is running the train. >> reporter: attorney joe mesa who represents a 35 year-old businessman, seriously injured as he traveled home to his wife and seven month-old child in new york, says that he support is additional safety improvements, like a second person in the cab based on what his client endured in the wreckage. >> he has five fractured ribbed, a fractured color bone injury to his lung, and he also had a closed head injury. >> reporter: many amtrak did not respond to our request for comment. the ntsb confirms that the engineer's blood sample which is routinely taken is now being analyzed at a lab in oak a coming up at 6:00 more on the union push for two person crews, as another victim's family speaks out. live from the sat center, walt hunter cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you. breaking news right now takata has expanded its recall, with faulty air bags
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to include as many as 34 million vehicles, within the united states. the company says that its air bags can explode and sent shrapnel flying. at least six deaths and more than 100 injuries are blamed for these defective air bag inflaters. consumer reporter jim donovan will have much more on this recall coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. taking a look outside it is warm, team i out there but a cool down is on the way. meteorologist kathy orr is here with her first forecast. >> wind of change are already occurring out here on the the sky deck, jessica, we have a few thunder showers popping up on storm scan three. a head of that big change. take a look right now you can see the cell, eastern chester county, and northern new castle county. this is moving toward the the east, and it does have some hail reported with it, right around hockessin delaware. it is moving east at the 20 miles an hour and heavier cell will be in wilmington very shortly. it will cross over the delaware and into south
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jersey. so by 5:10 the heavy rain will be in wilmington, upper chichester by 5:24. chester by 5:37 and woolwich by 5:48. very heavy rain, with this particular cell, and the possibility of small hail. yes, the change is coming. eighty-three right now in philadelphia. 85 degrees in reading. a cold front is just to our west and look what is coming behind it, tonight temperatures in the 50's, and even in some 40's to the west. the evening, will be a 77, a at 7:00 o'clock. by 9:00 o'clock 73 and shower activity will have ended and by 11:00 p.m. down to 69 degrees. coming up we will talk more about the cooler days ahead flirting with the 40's and the seven day for those morning lows and of course, an update on your holiday weekend forecast. it cannot come soon enough. i will see you later in the forecast with the seven day forecast. we are live now at
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election central on primary day, here in pennsylvania and big contest on the ballot is race for mayor of philadelphia. voters are choose ago monk six democrats, and the winner on have that race will square off against republican melissa bail any november's general election. so of course, the campaigns have been going for months now, millions of dollars have been spent on political a ads and now it is up to you to make the decision. "eyewitness news" out and about as voters were coming and going at polling places all across the city. right new candidates are working to get out those last minute votes as polls close at 8:00 o'clock tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson is live at a polling place in olde city with the very latest on election day steve. >> reporter: chris, seven candidates vying for their parties respective nomination to be mayor of this city, of philadelphia, today we caught up with all seven in their final hour and asked them what their final message is for voters. seven candidates, two parties
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several months of campaigning all culminate nothing this within day. it is primary election for mayor of philadelphia, we caught up with the people on the ballot in their final hours. former councilman jim kenny made it a point to remine people to vote. >> exercise my constitutional responsibility of the citizen in this country to vote. that is what people should to whether they are voting for me or someone else. >> reporter: the state senator anthony williams says the next mayor need to have an immediate impact. >> a lot of philadelphians need help and they need schools to get better, not in a long time but immediately. >> reporter: former district tone lynn abraham is coming on women voters. >> we should have a seat not at the table but at the head of the table. >> reporter: former spokesperson doug oliver says he is proud of the clean campaign. >> it feels good because i know we played our hand above board, we played it clean. >> reporter: nelson diaz stressed education. >> education is the only equalizer that helps us take that seriously. >> reporter: former state senator milton street is
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pushing for public safety. >> just stop the violence. >> reporter: for business woman melissa murray bailey running unopposed on the republican ticket says now it is all about name recognition. >> today it is just about getting the message out meeting as many people throughout the city that i possibly can. >> reporter: is there so much more on the the line, then just mayor. today vote are will decide the makeup of the courts, and city council. so why sit that most of the people watching have not and will not vote today? well, we will s'more that coming up at 6:00 o'clock. live from olde city, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. don't forget polls close at 8:00 o'clock tonight so there is still plenty of time to get out and cast your ballot. race for mayor not only issue on the ballot today in philadelphia. there are several hotly contested primaries for city council seats and voters will weigh in on four separate ballot questions, including the non-binding referendum on
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whether the city should have control over philadelphia public schools. representatives with the committee of 70 have been answering all of your questions on cbs today they deal with all a kind of issues from problems at the polls to really any questions you could have about voting. coming up 59:30 the committee chairman david thornberg will be here in election central to join to us talk about any questions you may have and future of this race where it goes from here as we move toward the fall. of course, stay with "eyewitness news", we will have continuing coverage for the the race for mayor, before you head out to the polls check out our voter resource guide on cbs and find all of the results on our web site tonight have after the polls close. a fast moving house fire, claimed the life of an elderly woman in chester county. that fire tore through this home in the 600 block of water street in honey brook just after ten. fire fighters rescued would the man from her burning home but they weren't able to save
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her life. in word what caused the fire. a van crashes into a newspaper stand in philadelphia's frankford section this happened around 10:00 near septa's busy train and bus terminals at frankford avenue and eric street. 359 year-old driver was high on pcp he was arrested for driving under the influence and then taken to temple hospital to be check out. a fatal assault in west philadelphia overnight when a man is shot at 18 times. that victim was pronounced dead on the scene of the 1300 block of north conestoga street. there is no known motive at this point but we do know police are reviewing surveillance video in that area to help them identify any suspects. police need your help identifying this man investigators say he took a woman's cell phone in the target on mifflin street in south philadelphia. that suspect was holding a baby and had a beard mustache. he then fled the store in an unknown direction. if you recognize this man call police.
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philadelphia police searching for a man who had some inappropriate contact allegedly with a child on may tenth. he approached an 11 year-old boy at a skate park on spring garden street and told that little boy wow buy him a soda if he allowed him to photograph his feet. man then photographed the feet and asked him to return next week with his friend. police a they are looking for a black male 5-foot seven to 6-foot one, he appeared to have acne and was wearing a black t-shirt and army style green fatigue pants. is there much more here ahead here on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 including shattering sun roofs. drivers across the country aree exploded without warning. so is what the cause. three on your side jim donovan will have more on a potentially dangerous problem. this video very hard to watch a young girl dragged by her school bus and now we are learning more about this accident and her recovery, we will be right bac
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new developments tonight surrounding the kentucky girl who was dragged by her school bus, in an incident that was caught on camera. seven year-old allie rednor was released from the hospital and is on the road to recovery now. investigators say allie's a backpack got stuck in the door as she got off that bus. it then drove away drag ago this little girl about 500 feet, and until eyewitnesses got the driver's attention. the bus driver has been suspended, without pay no word on whether charges might be filed.
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good evening everyone. well this rush hour will be a busy one specifically for anyone on i-95. i-95 is super pack. i-95 is commuting in the northbound direction with higher than usual delays out of the area of the vine street expressway a all the way in the north east. it is nothing in particular with you just a lot of traffic out there traveling southbound we have major volume as well out of the north east down to the vine and moving throughout delaware valley, commuting around 452 primarily is where we are seeing the biggest slow downs. as we look at the the schuylkill expressway, 76 not too far from center city, it does look heavy on both side. really you will find this type of traffic in the only around center city but throughout your western suburbs. look at these speed sensors 14 is your average on the schuylkill. you are not catching a break throughout your western suburbs or around downtown or around south philadelphia or university city. it is every where. traveling in the 20's on 476 14 on i-95, delays around mid county toll plaza and that will affect 476 northeast extension and the pennsylvania
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turnpike, also big time volume on 422 westbound out toward oaks. be mindful of this accident here 202 concord pike, southbound at silverside road traveling in this area now back to the desk. vittoria, thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" promised are excited but they are also expensive. so imagine arriving to the big event only to have it canceled? that happened at one local high school, we will tell what you happened exactly coming up leslie. high hopes for penn state football after last years dramatic bowl win, we sat down with head coach with head coach james franklin to talk about his team and happy
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it was one of the biggest nights of their young lives but it didn't go at all as plan. a power outage wrecked the winslow township junior and senior prom. >> good news, a do over is in the works. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry has more on how they are hoping to put a night to forget behind them. >> we were all ready to get on the dance floor and have fun and then power went out. >> reporter: senior prom for winslow township high school students, will be one to remember. after getting dolled up, in tuxedos and limos the the students arrived at mansion back wet hall in voorhees last friday. >> i was all set to have a good time with my date. it is my senior prom. >> reporter: less than two hours into the moment, the students were left in the dark
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after the hall experienced a power outage. >> only at least five minutes to dance and then boom, lights are out. >> reporter: it came tie screeching halt and students were sent home. >> some people didn't get to eat, some people didn't take their pictures, we didn't get the to know who won prom king or queen. >> $65 on my shoes hundred dollars on hair and make up. >> reporter: isabel vasquez was on the prom committee and said it was a weeks of planning. >> i put together center pieces invitations. >> we feel so bad for kid. >> reporter: winslow township mayor barry wright called what happened and called his friends. >> we're wanting to step in and give them their moment back. >> reporter: she owns villa man or and decided to give the students a prom redo. >> the kid can come here, have their dance, eat. >> reporter: we reached out to the general manager of the mansion banquet hall but haven't heard back yet. it is unclear what caused the power outage and if students will get back money they spent on prom tickets. as for the prom redo, it will
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be held here at villa manor on june 5th n winslow township, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a bummer but they all looked great. >> yeah. >> and hopefully they enjoyed it while it lasted. what a disappointment. >> they will never forget it what a special night. >> well, we are closing in on the unofficial beginning to summer. >> yes. >> it will get much cooler before it gets warmer again. >> we should be going the other way at this point. >> mother nature is not cooperating. if you would like to see observations in the delaware valley look at the bottom of the screen courtesy of our eyewitness weather watchers. outside we are seeing hazy sunshine in spots. a few pop up showers and then are storms. take a look in center city philadelphia we are looking pretty this afternoon. we have some blue skies but the humidity, moderate in philadelphia, but it just will go a little way down, 95 to wilmington. we have high humidity and that is where we are seeing some convection.
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storm scan three you can see it thunder showers, we had hail earlier it originated, in chester county, western chester county and now in northern new castle county delaware and spreading out with some rain in delaware county sneaking up toward chester but the bulk, heavy rain rates right in the heart of the it that dark red rain rates a at 2 inches an hour. so we will track this toward the east at 20 miles an hour and it is in the wilmington area as we speak in, woolwich by 5:59 and mantua by 6:18. heavy rain associated with this and some lightening but be aware in the path of this, you'll experience some heavy downpours. keep your eye to the sky. our live neighborhood network takes us to the boardwalk plaza a rehoboth beach delaware where the temperature is 07 degrees with southeasterly flow at 6 miles an hour. some folks on the board and beach getting ready for their memorial day holiday weekend. high in philadelphia 83. average is 75. look at the cool down, 58 will be the low a 25 degrees drop
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come tomorrow morning. it will stay on the the dry side after today our probability of precipitation takes a nose dive and stays quite low right through the weekend. i know we don't want rainy weekend but we are well below average for this time of the year. in the wake of the front it turns breezy, cool, temperatures in the 07's come wednesday and for thursday, and watching an area of low pressure move off the coast to the south of us, possibility of the shore shower thursday, otherwise, dry every where else. and then friday a reenforcing shot moves from the front from the north and west and in the lower 70's and we will warm it up over the weekend. overnight tonight low temperature of 58 degrees. and cooler in our suburbs. during the day tomorrow high temperature 72. we have deep blue skies breezy conditions, and we will put a little bit of the chill in the air with northwesterly wind. might neat a light sweater or sweat shirt. tomorrow we will be cool, breezy comfortable. after school plenty of
5:22 pm
sunshine. any evening activities you won't even break a sweat. on the exclusive three day forecast temperatures stay in the 70's right through friday, you can see we follow bouncing balance counting down to summer, unofficial start of the summer season thinks weekend, one day, 23 hours, 37 minutes and 45 seconds until orr at the shore, live from wildwood, on thursday. kate will be back next half an hour with the memorial day holiday weekend forecast. we will be right
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] lions are coming up, behind, they had a bowl win last sees on, their post season sanctions are a thing of the past. they are all good. >> leslie van arsdal sat down with head coach james franklin
5:25 pm
and she has more now. >> penn state's first bowl win in five years and now franklin enters his second season with the more experienced team and better understandingalley and penn state. >> much better feel for penn state ape much better feel for big 106789 i got a better feel for our players. we have the second youngest team in college football last year. we played with 45 scholarship players. our department department was our biggest issue. we had one returning starter last year, we have four returning starters this year. we will be better. we will still be really young but better. >> as a coach when you see anthony, tackling a tree, on you tube, well,. >> he is from a town with one stop light and i guess when that is the case you fine things like tackling trees to amuse yourself. but that is something i cannot as a coach you necessarily want to see. >> did anything surprise you? you had and the game, at penn state is running out as
5:26 pm
football coach which was unbelievable experience. i work at nine different colleges and university, i have work in every major conference in college football as well as nfl and the passion, the pride and the enthusiasm and a appreciation for penn state is unveal. >> reporter: as head football coach in happy valley, he is a pretty popular guy something his two daughters are starting to pick up on. >> my daughters are seven and eight, 11 months apart. my daughter is starting to get it, starting to ask questions why when we go out to din are why to people say hi. we had a birthday party for them. i went down the basement there was 25, had years old men in my basement a the a seven year old birthday party in. >> i think we know why. >> yes. >> yes. >> not one mom. >> he is a great coach and a terrific recruiter, so that depth that he will talk about he will just keep feed ago this program to get better and
5:27 pm
better. >> good interview thanks leslie. coming up next, half an hour, drivers say it is a loud crash and then shattered glass every where, three on your side jim donovan with continuing dangerous problem your car could have. yesterday president obama praised camden community policing efforts but there are other departments throughout south jersey working on building relationship i'm cleve bryan coming up we will tell you will how police are partnering with clergy how to handle crisis situations. then new at 6:00 for the past few weeks a unique visitor a harbor seal has been seen swimming around the new jersey creek, we will tell you why experts think it is there and the warning they have for resident.
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today marks one week since the amtrak tragedy in port richmond. union called the day on congress to require two engineers, in amtrak locomotive train 188 only had one when it derailed on march 12th. and, takata has recalled nearly 34 millionaire bags, in cars, across the the united states and at least six deaths, and more than 100 injuries have been blamed on defects from those air bags. and, an elderly would hand dies in the house fire in honey brook chester county. fire fighters rescued her from
5:31 pm
the burning home this morning but she did not survive. cause of the fire is under investigation. kate? good evening chris. it has been a warm, steamy day. you can see on storm scan three we have gotten one thunderstorm to talk about moving through new castle county delaware heading for sale em county, new jersey. it does have heavy rain indicated by red shading just south of wilmington and lightening as well. the showers to the north. that is all we have on storm can one. once we clear it out the temperatures we will have more on that with the seven day coming up, jessica. >> kate, thanks very much. new at 5:30 lessons from the unrest in baltimore. local police chaplain who saw the contingent firsthand held a seminar in burlington county talking about how to build trust between the police and community they serve. here's "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter cleve bryan. >> reporter: even though it is sunny spring day this is not pleasure stroll for police, they are working on community
5:32 pm
engagement. >> you have a good day, we are just checking in. >> reporter: just yesterday president obama talk to camden about the need for police throughout the country to improve community relationships and find non-combative solutions to tense situations. >> it makes me upset mad, i have seen it there. >> reporter: burlington city invited us to the crisis training session which is an extension of the community policing model. chaplain who helped in ferguson and officer teaches how to diffuse crisis. >> we get them talking about it. within a few hours we call it a diffusing. the idea is just to help them release is what going on. >> reporter: police department like camden and burlington city hope it will pay off, all the of the time they spent building relationships in the the community but here's how they are taking it a step further. they are even cooperating clergy and bringing a wealth of counseling knowledge. they will be well train to help with the mental emergency
5:33 pm
for first responders but for our community, and it will go to make sure that we recover together as a community not as a police department, separate from the community. >> reporter: police chaplain program is working with dozens of cities and towns in new jersey and looking to expand. in burlington city, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". our coverage of the pennsylvania primary continues now, with the calm pain race to get out the vote by 8:00 o'clock tonight. in philadelphia democrats and republicans choosing nominees for mayor and all 17 seats on city council. we're joined by the committee of 70 david thornberg an election central to talk more about the primary. david, good to see you. thanks for being here with us. >> thanks, chris. >> these off year's electricians are notorious for low turnout. >> the last contested mayor's race in 2007 had close to 40 percent turnout which might have been on the high side. we are looking at something lower than that tonight but
5:34 pm
i'll remind your viewers thaw still have have two and a half hours still to vote. >> time to turnout. committee of 70 monitoring problems at the polls. have any come up to day and if so, where have they come up. >> knock on wood we have not seen or heard of anything significant. we have a hot line about 30 people in our office from 7:00 o'clock in the morning to 8:00 at night. i have been to about 25 polling places, i have not seen anything significant there is a pretty good rumor mill that swirls around but so far, so good otherwise. >> we nope you'll keep an eye out. winner of the primary takes on melissa bailey in the fall an accomplished business woman but her first shot at elect politics in the city. is what likelihood of that becoming a competitive race. >> we are non-partisan, bunch so i don't want to handicap it, and lots of funny things could happen in the next few months. what we hope for is a good, fair competitive election and process, high turnout and we will start from there and see shakes out. >> we do know a democrat would
5:35 pm
be heavy favorite, could you see any of the six running the the city much differently then it has been run any differently by mayor michael nutter. >> it the has been interesting. it hasn't really been a change oriented election. i think the the numbers suggest that people have a pretty favorable view of mayor nutter. it is more a sense of who is going to inherit, or further some of the goals and objectives that he has persued in his term. kind of an interesting race, in that respect. >> okay. if people do have problems between now and 8:00, what should they do, david. >> start by calling our hot line which is 855-seventh and we are in close contact with the district attorney's office and city commissioners if there are issues that they need resolved. >> we love to see david thornberg because we know it is election day. thanks very much. we will talk to you throughout the night. >> sure enough. >> polls close at 8:00 o'clock tonight so you have plenty of
5:36 pm
time to vote. stay with "eyewitness news", we will have continuing coverage for primary day and race for mayor. check our voter resource guide on cbs and find all of the results on our web site after the the polls close later on tonight. first comes a loud crash and then glass shattering inside of the car. many people across the country have had it happen to them. a sun roof explosion. tonight three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has more on this potentially dangerous problem. >> reporter: it is an experienced driver and their passengers don't soon forget. >> i heard like a gunshot. >> i heard a deafening explosion. >> i thought we were hit by a meet rorrer. >> reporter: for peggy and john humphrey it happened on a drive earlier this monk. >> i could hair air. >> reporter: driving on the highway and then sun roof of their toyota r av4 exploded without warning. >> there was like a eight to 10-inch hole dead center of
5:37 pm
the sun roof, and it looked like a little volcano. >> reporter: when they went to get it fixed there were no signs of the bullet, rock or anything having hit. >> they could find no foreign debris. >> reporter: same thing happened to nicki wheeler's opt man. >> it had shattered into a million pieces. >> reporter: it happened to back alexander's lexus too. >> glasses bode outward there were no rocks bullet holes,. >> reporter: as peggy humphrey found out. >> it the is happening with all different kind of cars and different parts of the country. >> reporter: more than 400 complaints have been filed with the national highway traffic safety administration, involving at least 13 car manufacturers. is there even the name for it, spontaneous sun roof break age. >> it the literally exploded, out like a volcano. >> reporter: vehicle owners have posted damage on you tube. what is causing sun roofs to explode? there are several theories, first cars are more air tight then ever which puts more
5:38 pm
pressure on the glass. while the the glass meets safety standard, these days it is being manufactured, to be lighter and thinner. even temperature can play a role, many sun roof explosions happened on very hot days when heat gets trapped between the sun roof and a closed variety or. but there is a common denominator most sun roofs are manufactured using tempered glass. designed to break into tiny pieces for safety, any flaw in tempered glass can cause shattering under pressure. it happens without warning. we have seen it topple tables, shattered shower doors explode on ovens. is sun roofs a flaw can occur during manufacturing or something like road debris. >> people describe it like a gunshot. >> reporter: michael leighton has been repairing sun roofs over a decade ape sees a problem often. >> normally like a rock or something that caused a little chip and once it gets hot it explode. >> reporter: shattering sun roofs have led to recalls on
5:39 pm
certain hyundai models and audi a8 and s8 and government is investigating the kia sorrento for similar complaints. meanwhile vehicle owners like john and peggy are left shaken and with the hefty repair bill of over 1100 bucks. >> i will never have another vehicle with a sun roof. >> reporter: toyota says it ace wear of the shattering on some toyota and lexus vehicles but does not appear to be a vehicle or component related issues. car carpetties won't cover repairs since auto makers blame it on external forces like rock and debris. >> that is scary a lot of people going my gosh could this happen to me. is there anything you can company to stop from it happening. >> i would suggest on warm days air out the vehicle before you start it up, keep sun visor opened slightly so heat doesn't build up between that space. if you are not using sun live while driving keep the sun visor closed that way if glass does shatter it won't come down on top of you. >> imagine that though, imagine first the sound and then if it did come raining
5:40 pm
down on you. >> at 6:00 i will have more information on the the big air bag recall. >> jim, thanks very much. still to come on "eyewitness news" a grammy award winzinger under goes vocal cord surgery. a major fraud bus that god donors all around the nation. kate? and say good bye to the summer like heat and humidity, we have a cold front moving through right now that is bringing in a couple storms to the region and it will eventually bring a big change, in temperature i'll have the seven day forecast including memorial day weekend when we
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time now for a look at the philadelphia job market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with more. >> reporter: graduating class of 2015, has a lot to celebrate. this year, hiring of college graduates is is expect to rise by 16 percent from a year ago. stud friday michigan state university found that employers are recruiting new college graduates at levels hot not seen since the technology boom. some employers are also offering signing bonuses. starting salaries are all over the map, humanities majors are
5:44 pm
expect to make about $45,000 a year. while engineers can earn up to 80,000. but location is key. where you seek employment may help determine the best opportunities. georgetown university analyzed the on line college labor market across all states, and occupational clusters. that research helped highlight trend for soon to be grads. here in the philadelphia area, 50 percent of on line job ads seek college graduates. the top occupational groups include software developers, computer related field and sales representatives. it may be well worth a new graduate's time and energy to folk ounce these areas when attempting to land that first job. i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness
5:45 pm
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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four charities tricked millions of people across the country into donating millions of dollars from 2008 through 2012. $187 million was collected with less than 3 percent of that actually going to patients. groups use aggressive fun raising tactics including telemarketers. >> donors were told their contributions were directly helping cancer patients, including children with cancer
5:48 pm
and women suffering from breast cancer. >> the ftc says that the money raised was spent on personal items such as cars, vacations and even dating site membership. government is shutting down two charities and three of the former leaders are banned from fund raising ever again. welshing okay, if you enjoyed today mild temperatures, you are ready for a surprise. things will get colder. >> much, much cooler. whole month of may has been above average and tomorrow we will go below average for the first time in quite sometime. >> interesting. >> i have heard a few people talking about the heat and humidity doesn't feel like summer. >> in complaints at all. >> we're good. >> looking for more spring like weather tomorrow has you covered. tomorrow you can see what the evening is looking like. beautiful evening in atlantic city. this is atlantic county, of course. you can see the casinos the pier beach. it looks like a nice summer-likening with temperatures in the 80's outside right now. we have a coldront moving
5:49 pm
through state of pennsylvania which i will show you bringing big changes all across the board. let check with our eyewitness weather watchers first and foremost to see what they are feeling on this tuesday evening. we are looking at 80. 83 degrees at barbara lane's house in willow grove. reporting good deal of sunshine there heading south in new jersey still in the 80's here at kathy's home. wynonna 83 degrees right now. kathy says it was beautiful sunny now it looks like it will downpour from the west. you might be on to something. we have a few showers and storms moving throughecially. lets head into delaware. tyler rot is in bear delaware at 81. tyler says warmer breeze blowing, nice sunny day just a storm that missed us to the north. just north of the bear. lets look at what that looks like on storm scan three. is there the storm. it has started to fizzle a little bit. still seeing orange and red shading there moving into salem county, new jersey and moving right along route 40 here with heavy rain. that orange and red shading you see. that is all we have got going
5:50 pm
on. this missed philadelphia to the south tyler's house to the north and right across wilmington area and now starting to weaken slightly. zooming out on storm scan three you can see we're sweeping. not finding much of anything at all a few showers long camden and burlington county. they would be light, if anything. i want to add temperature contour to see where cold front is. it is not with the storms moving through right now. front is well back to the west. look at green moving in northwestern pennsylvania a indication that the cold air is coming in behind the front. we are seeing heat in philadelphia, down around d.c. and down toward portions of virginia where we see red shading and temperatures in the 80's and 90's still. eighty-three at the airport. eighty-five reading. eighty-three allentown. zooming to the west we will see where a coal front has passed cleveland and buffalo while state college sits at 81. d.c. sweltering at 89 degrees. here's month of may calendar form and look at the red days. the those are days where
5:51 pm
temperatures have been warmer than average, pretty much every day say two and we have one right on target. a very warm may already 7.1 degrees above average on the month but looking further, and lower let's say over next couple of days. tomorrow looks like a great day, sunshine, clear skies. this storm will start to skate by to the south bringing a few more cloud thursday. maybe a shower off to the south. when that moves out high pressure builds in time for memorial day weekend. lets talk about summer. one day until average high is 75. six days until memorial day. 33 days until the official start of the summer season. overnight partly cloudy, turning breezy at 58 degrees. tomorrow cooler, less humid at seven two. unofficial start to sum they are week. we have orr at the shore thursday. memorial day weekend thursday is one day there could be a shower to the south. we will warm up, 78 on friday. seventy-two saturday. sunday looks great. maybe a thunderstorm memorial
5:52 pm
day machine but nice and warm with sun otherwise and highs in the 80's again early next week. chris and jessica back to you. as "eyewitness news" celebrates 50 years we are looking back at magical moments in the city's history. forty-one year ago today flyers won their first stanley cup. may 19th of 1974, flyers defeated the boston bruins four games to two. they made history inside the spectrum with names like bobby clarke, bob kelly and bernie parent. philadelphia became first expansion team to win the cup, and the day after the deciding game, 2 million fans lined broad street for a championship parade for the ages. fans would be back a year later to do it all over again as the team captured the cup in 1975 as well. >> good memories there. grammy award winner sam smith under goes successful vocal cord surgery british
5:53 pm
singer who turns 23 today had that surgery at a boston hospital. procedure was done to stop recurrent vocal cord meeting. hospital says smith is expect to make a full recovery in time for his next concert scheduled for july 18th. still ahead on "eyewitness news" what sit really like to sit in the interview chair next to david letterman. >> with his last show tomorrow we will hear from some celebrities who have been here, coming
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
we are just two shows away now from the end of an another, the final broadcast of the late show with david letterman. >> as dave gets ready to wrap up his 33 years in television, sues april marquez looks back at his most, memorable guests. >> i know this is first show, and this guy dave letterman. >> bill murray started it all in 1982 on late night with dave letterman and since then guests have made nearly 20,000 appearances on dave's shows. >> i have a history in the high cholesterol. >> you are kidding me. >> reporter: regis philbin hold report of the most appearances with a total have of 136. jack hanna is another frequent guest. >> hey jack put your head back. >> hey. >> even big stars felt pressure sitting next to
5:57 pm
letterman because they knew they would not be treated with kid gloves. >> i was worried because when he doesn't like somebody he doesn't hide it very well. >> he is so smart and he is just so smart. >> people complain that i am, more loft i. >> how does that feel. >> intimidating. >> because in one was quicker with the one liner. >> like the sistine chapel, you know. it is just too much. >> i'm not going for sistine chapel. >> you messed up my hair. >> well, all right what is that, a swing cat what is that you are wearing. >> reporter: after three three-year letterman is capping off her career, susan marquez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> hi, everybody. >> you can expect there will be plenty more laughs when bill murray stops by some say good bye to dave, he was letterman's first guest 33 years ago and he will be one of the last.
5:58 pm
bob dillon with a special performance tonight. tomorrow dave's final show will be an hour filled with surprises, highlights, and of course, final top ten all right here on cbs-3 coming your way at 11:35. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. at 6:00 we are following an important alert for anybody who drives a car a recall for defective air bags is expanding tonight to become the largest consumer recall in history. jim donovan breaks down exactly what you need to know just ahead. plus it is primary day in pennsylvania and all eyes are on the race for philadelphia's mayor, but are voters heading to the polls? kathy? summer like today with warm sticky weather but wind of change are blowing in we're talk about temperatures falling, 15 to 20 degrees by tomorrow, with morning lows, flirting in the 40's. we will talk about that plus the latest on the holiday weekend, coming up. a harbor seal has made its way from the ocean and off the
5:59 pm
rancocas creek spotted by plenty but getting too close to cost you thousands. i'm alexandria hoff and i will have that coming up. right now atnearly 34 millionaire bags declared defective. under pressure from safety regulators the japanese company that makes the safety device, widens its recall. this is now the largest an automatic owe recall, in u.s. history. good good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm chris may. we will begin with three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has details on more importantly what this means for our drivers. >> reporter: this is an expansion of previous recalled that comes after a year of bank and for the between safety regulators and world's largest air bag maker takata corp. >> it is fair to say thinks probably most complex consumer safety recall in history.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: recall involves 33.8 million takata a maid air bags. when a vehicle is involved in the accident the chemical that inflates the a air bags can explode, with too much force. when that happens, it blows apart a metal inflater canister and shrapnel is sent flying toward the driver and passengers. >> air bag inflaters we suspect did not work correctly. and, we believe that they have been responsible for at least five deaths, in the united states. but up until now takata has refused to acknowledge that their air bags are defective. that changes today. >> reporter: federal safety officials and the auto industry, still haven't determined what is causing takata's inflate tours explode. 17 million vehicles had already been recalled, to fix the the


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